ESS/CI 1997 Technical Meeting's Photo Album

ESS/CI 1997 Technical Meeting's Photo Album

United Technologies Research Center generously sponsored a reception on Monday night, October 27...

Wing Tsang (NIST), Arthur Fontijn (RPI), and Jack Howard (MIT)

Rahima Mohammed (Yale) and Betta Fisher (Cornell)

Rich Lyon (FAA Tech Center - Invited Speaker), George Oulundsen, Sree Rao (UMass), and Anuj Bhargava (UTRC)

99 invited and contributed papers were presented...

Vivek Saxena (Cornell) presenting paper 23, "Piloted CH4 Flames - Comparison of PDF Calculations with Experiments," co-authored with Steve Pope (Cornell)

Simone Hochgreb (MIT) presenting paper 24, "Chemical Kinetic Modeling of Post Flame Oxidation of Unburned Hydrocarbons," co-authored with K. Wu (MIT)

Houston Miller (George Washington) presenting paper 33, "Mixture Fraction Measurements in Time-Varying Diffusion Flames Using Tunable-Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy," co-authored with Reed Skaggs (GWU)

And who could forget the banquet? Certainly not Med Colket,
who arranged for Mark Twain to show up...