2001 Fall Technical Meeting, Eastern States Section of the Combustion Institute

December 3-5, 2001, Hilton Oceanfront Resort in Hilton Head, South Carolina

General Program and Meeting Schedule

  Sunday evening, December 2, 2001
6:00 PM Registration and Reception
  Monday morning, December 3, 2001
8:15 AM Welcoming Remarks

8:30 AM Invited Speaker: "Cold Controlled Combustion in Fuel Cells,"
Ravindra Datta, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
9:30 AM A-1: Emissions and Novel Combustion Systems;
B-1: Fire Suppression;
C-1: Kinetics: Elementary Processes.
  Monday afternoon, December 3, 2001
1:30 PM Invited Speaker: "Pulse Detonation Engines -- Progress and Challenges"
Robert J. Santoro, Pennsylvania State University
2:30 PM A-2: Propellants and Pulse Detonation Engines;
B-2: Fires and Flame Spread;
C-2: Kinetics: Elementary Processes and Neat Fuels.
5:15 PM Executive Committee Meeting
  Tuesday morning, December 4, 2001
8:30 AM Invited Speaker: "Chemical Kinetic Database Requirements for Real Fuels,"
Wing Tsang, National Institute for Standards and Technology
9:30 AM A-3: Soot;
B-3: Flame Systems: Modeling Methods and Simulations;
C-3: Kinetics: Neat Fuels, Real Fuels, and Modeling.
  Tuesday PM, December 4, 2001
1:30 PM Invited Speaker: "Premixed Turbulent Combustion: Flamelet Structure and Combustion Intensity,"
Frederick C. Gouldin, Cornell University
2:30 PM A-4: Nanoparticles and Nanotubes;
B-4: Flame Systems: Experiments and Computations;
C-4: Ignition and Stability.
5:30 PM General Business Meeting
6:30 PM Reception
7:30 PM Banquet
  Wednesday morning, December 5, 2001
8:30 AM Invited Speaker: "Microscale Combustion: Issues and Opportunities,"
Carlos Fernandez-Pello, University of California, Berkeley
9:30 AM A-5: Micro and Meso Scale Combustion;
B-5: Flame Systems: Structure and Properties;
C-5: Diagnostics.
12:10 PM Adjourn.